Complete Respiratory Staffing Agency Manual with Documents and Forms

Build A Fortune in Respiratory Therapist Staffing Agency Business start up manual

can put you to fast track to success. Meticulously researched and backed by 10 years experiences, our guides take you step by step through every aspects of the star-up process.  It’s like having an a start-up expert with you every step of the way. Starting a respiratory therapist staffing agency business or how to be an independent registered respiratory therapist contractor takes a lot of legal know how, research and trial and error. 
Purchasing this manual will offers tips, guidelines in starting your dream. This Respiratory Therapist Staffing Agency Start-Up Guide Covers the Nuts and Bolts of this business. 
We back this manual with free email and telephone consultation.

Learn how to:

  • You will learn how to start and operate a respiratory staffing agency such as applying for licensures and certifications.
  • Learn the respiratory therapist staffing business, whether temporary or permanent placements.
  • Effectively recruit registered respiratory therapists, respiratory therapist technicians, respiratory therapy assistants.
  • You will learn to be self employed as independent respiratory therapy contractor, contracting your services to hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers, hospice, and even the corporate environment.
  • Includes all the respiratory staffing agency business documents and forms such as contract agreements, sample letters, sample invoices, and many more. See below for complete listing.
  • Includes one (1) year Free Consulting services thru email or telephone.

Topics covered:

  • No Money To Start
  • Sources of funds: Private & Public
  • Pricing Strategies. How much to charge your clients and how much to pay your sub-contractors and employees.
  • Choosing a business name.
  • Business Plan
  • Effective Recruiting Techniques
  • Doing Business In Different States.
  • Business Licenses and Permits.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchise Operations
  • Occupational Safety & Health.
  • Immigrations Laws and Compliance.
  • Billing Procedures
  • Creating Invoices
  • Supplies
  • Profit Margins
  • Payroll
  • Employee VS Subcontractor
  • Advertising
  • Insurances
  • Taxation
  • Business Legal Operations. Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, Corporation, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC.)
  • Recommended Software.
  • Home Office or Front Office
  • How and where to file business names.
  • Disclaimer From the Publisher.

Documents and Forms Included with the Manual

  • Sample Full Length Contract Agreements between your Respiratory Staffing Agency Business and the healthcare facilities.
  • Sample Full Length Contract Agreements between your Respiratory Staffing Agency Business and your employees/contractors.
  • Sample Independent Contractor Agreement between you as Self Employed Registered Respiratory Therapist Contractor and healthcare facilities.
  • Retainer Search Fee Agreement.
  • Contingency Search Fee Agreement.
  • Consulting Fee Sharing Agreement.
  • Job Order Form
  • Sample Business Plan Format
  • General Nursing Agency Policy Guidelines.
  • Sample of Business Letters.
  • Samples of Time Card and Schedules.
  • Sample of Invoices. Includes Plug-N-Use Invoice Charge Rate Software in excel format.
  • Background Check Consent Form.
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination, blood borne pathogens. Per O.S.H.A regulations that all healthcare workers must be offered a Hepatitis B Vaccination.
  • Tuberculin Form.
  • Employment Check List.
  • Sample of Rate Increase.
  • Job Descriptions of Descriptions of Registered Respiratory Therapist and Respiratory Techs..
  • Sample of Job/Employment Application.
  • Resources of  insurance companies.
  • Plus many other needed forms for Respiratory Staffing Agency Business.