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The employment staffing industry is a 62 billion dollar business, and the medical staffing service is big portion of the temporary and permanent placement staffing industry market. 
A hot and new booming respiratory staffing agency business is a niche market and expected to grow due to the coming influx of baby boomers. 
With the growing shortage of medical professionals such as registered respiratory therapist, respiratory therapist technician, respiratory therapist assistants as well as other healthcare professionals, this medical employment staffing service is about to explode.


A Respiratory Therapist Staffing Agency provides staffing solutions of temporary and permanent placements of Registered Respiratory Therapist and Respiratory Techs to hospitals, private homes, nursing homes, hospice settings, and other healthcare facilities.

A self employed Respiratory Therapist that provides his/her services to healthcare facilities for a certain fee bypassing the agency.

Two ways to make money in this business. By providing temporary workers to a healthcare facilities during sick time, vacations, special projects, coverage during busy times, and loss of permanent employee. The second is providing permanent employees to healthcare facilities for a set fee.